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Tablets are important, and people and markets are embracing them. But the sheer number of apps has created a problem for users: its too hard to find the best apps. How can each person bring their tablet to its full potential? No one has solved this, but we know the answer; it involves elegance, simplicity, and new kinds of curation.

A new form factor.

Tablets are changing the world. A new form factor that is easier to use, takes up less space, is carried more easily, fits more easily into a briefcase, and is just a lot of fun. The ease of handling make it ideal for use by salesman, in hospitals, on the shop floor, by students, in the home, for entertainment, and in businesses. It is with tablets that software can reach its true potential. But many companies are falling behind; they do not understand mobile, and the rapid changes that are happening. Tablets are elegant; now we need app discovery to become more elegant.

Tablets matter.

Apple and Samsung “get it”. Most companies do not, and likely will fail or be acquired. HP struggles, Blackberry struggles, HTC and others all struggle and in every case, have no tablet lineup. These ‘independent device makers’ are not adapting quickly enough. The phrase ‘independent device makers’ refers to manufacturers who do not have a real platform. Clearly, “One tablet does not a Platformm make” – and you can quote us on that.

Platforms matter.

Many companies not only do not have a strong tablet portfolio, they do not have a true Platform of any kind. People like to see computers, tablets, and phones all from one company. So people are choosing Apple and Samsung for many of their purchases now. It is surprising (but completely understandable) that close to 100% of industry profits all go to just Apple and Samsung! Profits follow the growth areas. Apple has the strongest platform with the clearest message; Ubuntu is compelling and quite interesting but not as well known and has fewer apps; and Samsung now basically ‘represents’ what is best about Android. If Samsung were to have a more visible role in Apps, even to the point of leading and owning the space, then Samsung would have a true platform as well. Someone has to make app discovery simpler, more elegant, and better curation.

The App Discovery problem.

Almost everyone enjoys having a tablet in their hands. And the one thing they all want, are Apps! Of course, the companies without platforms are also weak in app offerings. In fact, the sheer number of apps has created a new problem: its too hard to find the best ones; how can users choose? How can a person make their tablet work to its full potential? What is needed is a more elegant, and simpler way to find apps Finding apps is called ‘app discovery’. The answer lies in ‘curation’. Curation is a form of review where the best apps and revealed; similar to curation in an art gallery. By showing which apps are best, you help users in a very important way. But it only works if the curation is honest; it cannot be tied to advertising.

Curation Matters.

If curation is important, what about someone who needs a whole set or ‘package’ of apps, to make their tablet fully productive, for their specialty? A salesman for example will want email, calendar, expense report, todo list, maps and route planning, presentation software, research software, and more – but you also want all of those apps to work together seamlessly. So what we are saying is, the market someone to provide “Curated Apps Packages”.

Apps, the new Platform.

Therefore, if someone were to do these three things (simpler app discovery, better App Curation, and fully Curated Apps Packages), this could very well be considered a new kind of platform. We call it the “Apps Platfrom“. The world is waiting for this; the world Needs this. The only question is, who will supply it? Will all the many android players sit back and wait too long, and let Apple once again innovate first? Because that is the pattern in mobile technology until now; most Android companies are not agile. In fact we believe that only Apple (and Samsung) truly understands the importance of apps. That deep understanding is why Apple leads everyone in profit-per-device, and profit in mobile, and why Samsung sells so many devices.

Profit in Apps.

So how to have profit like Apple does? We believe that once android companies understand the need for Curated Apps Packages, then their profits will rise in tablets. The opportunity exists primarily for the first mover. Our URL TabletApps.com, used in this way would be ideal: to give the world a unique Curated Apps Package for each and every profession, making tablets reach their full potential for each and every profession.

Only the Agile survive.

In the old days (say, 5 years ago), it was enough to be good at engineering. But now, Platform matters more. Many companies still do not ‘get it’. A large segment of the population do not look at ‘specs’ first when they buy. It is hard to understand why some major companies are still not fully embracinga tablet strategy. The only explanation seems to be that it is a management issue: slow to respond, slow to adopt new ideas. Even now as these companies start to make tablets you feel how half-hearted their effort is; you really have to wonder what other opportunities they will be missing, due to how slowly they adapt to change. What every company needs now is open mindedness, and something called ‘Agile Management’. Its a style of moving more quickly, that first was pioneered in software development. In software it is called Agile Methodologies. Agile thinking is now a part of every aspect of a successful business – software, hardware, marketing, project management, even planning.

In summary, it is clear that agile companies like Apple and Samsung, with their diverse products and their rapid innovation, will survive. The majority of the independent device makers are likely to fail, but few of them recognize this, even as their struggles get worse each year. Apps are important, and the “Apps Platform” is a possible key to survival.

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