The Best Tablet is… the iPad Pro!

We’ve looked at all the major tablet Platforms; once again, the iPad stands out!

This is the best tablet on the market, for a number of reasons.  You can find great deals on them too, at  Amazon.


What we like about the iPad Pro 9.7 includes:

  • The size is just right.   7″ tablets seems a bit too small, and too similar to the largest phones.
  • The display is very clear – the best looking display of any tablet we have seen, with high color accuracy.
  • Display brightness is high, and it supports the P3 color standard.
  • If you need the larger 12″ iPad, that is an option – but the 9.7 feels just right.
  • It is very thin, with high-quality manufacturing.
  • Optional keyboard.
  • Best cameras of any iPad, both front and back.
  • Touch ID sensor
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Very responsive for gaming
  • Consistent, strong User Interface – more so than any other platform.

There are a lot of competitors: Android tablets, Windows, and Ubuntu.  Each have their own unique features, and most are less expensive an than iPad.  But overall, the iPad Pro is the best value there is in the tablet market.

You can find great prices, and the best buying experience, at Amazon, for both tablets/iPad, and accessories.