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Choose Platform First, For Apps You Need

It is very important to first choose the right platform.  If there is a specific app that you need, and it is only one one platform, then that is the platform you need! This is more true of business, for example, than gaming.

In general, the most popular apps are available on several platforms.

But Ubuntu, and to some degree Windows, will lack apps. So its very important you do some research based on the apps you will need.


Android Platform:

Android is the largest platform, by number of apps.   This is true for business, games, and most categories.   It means you have tremendous choice – which is also a problem, of how to choose.   The lack of ‘curation’ in Google Play means you sometimes have to wade through some apps that work poorly, or are no longer maintained to find a good one.  You can find this appstore at   As of December 2016, Google Play had 2.6 million apps, and is now the largest app store; but Apple has had more total downloads.

iPad (iOs) Platform:

Apple has over 2 million apps in their app store.  It is not web directly; to access it you use an apple device like an iPad.  On the web, you learn more at  There are over 700,000 native apps just for the iPad, which is an impressive number of native apps.  Apple’s app store is more curated than Google Play, so the average quality seems to be higher.  Apple is stricter on what they will accept in new app’s submitted.  Apple has had almost twice the number of downloads compared to Android, and the Apple/iOs platform is more profitable than any other.

Amazon Fire Platform:

Amazon devices are a heavily-modified version of Android.  So Amazon decided to have its own app store.  Amazon has far fewer apps than Android; but there are over 700,000 apps so you still have a good selection.  New apps will come out on Android first, and later – perhaps – on Amazon.   Before choosing a Fire device, you might want to explore the Amazon App Store to see if it has the apps you need and want.

Ubuntu Platform:

Ubuntu is a Linux-based platform.  There are not a lot of apps, compared to the Android and iOs Platforms.  But Ubuntu apps tend to be robust and dependable.  It is a great platform for programmers, business, and anyone who wants an alternative to those ‘big’ platforms.  Find out more at the Ubuntu Apps Directory.

Windows Platform:

Microsoft no longer releases info on the number of apps.   This is not surprising since it is far less than Android or iOS.  But Microsoft apps are the best ones for business, in many cases.  There are over 500,000 apps in the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store.   For business use, you probably will find what need; but check first.   Surface tablets run Windows so most windows software should work on a Surface.

Other App Stores

Many companies have a private app store, and you can find them via search.  Some other app stores of interest would include AptoideGetJarAppBrainSamsung AppsBaiduTencent AppsFirefox Marketplace, and BlackBerry World.  Blackberry had a nice tablet when it first came out but they have not brought out newer versions and do not seem serious about the market.


If a specific platform is not required, and you have the budget, then your best bet for apps is the is the Apple iPad.  It will probably have the smoothest user experience, a gorgeous display, and has tons of apps.  Android is a solid choice and saves money compared to Apple.  Windows is good for business.  Amazon Fire is a great choice for the most budget-minded, but their app store does have significantly fewer apps then Google/Apple.

Especially when it comes to games, most people get what their friends have – its more fun!


The Best Tablet is…?

The Best Tablet is… the iPad Pro!

We’ve looked at all the major tablet Platforms; once again, the iPad stands out!

This is the best tablet on the market, for a number of reasons.  You can find great deals on them too, at  Amazon.


What we like about the iPad Pro 9.7 includes:

  • The size is just right.   7″ tablets seems a bit too small, and too similar to the largest phones.
  • The display is very clear – the best looking display of any tablet we have seen, with high color accuracy.
  • Display brightness is high, and it supports the P3 color standard.
  • If you need the larger 12″ iPad, that is an option – but the 9.7 feels just right.
  • It is very thin, with high-quality manufacturing.
  • Optional keyboard.
  • Best cameras of any iPad, both front and back.
  • Touch ID sensor
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Very responsive for gaming
  • Consistent, strong User Interface – more so than any other platform.

There are a lot of competitors: Android tablets, Windows, and Ubuntu.  Each have their own unique features, and most are less expensive an than iPad.  But overall, the iPad Pro is the best value there is in the tablet market.

You can find great prices, and the best buying experience, at Amazon, for both tablets/iPad, and accessories.

Tablet Rentals Make Sense

Tablet Rentals

Tablet Rentals

Tablet rentals are common now; so you can find them in every major city. In this article, we will talk about the different reasons for renting a tablet instead of buying one.  Renting can often get you the latest models, too!

Search online to see current rental options.

Companies are finding at trade shows and business meetings that it can add productivity to rent tablets locally, and provide them to everyone at the meeting. You can rent iPads or Android devices, and tablets are so easy to use that everyone is up and running in no time!

Renting tablets also can build morale, because people really like them.

The larger screen makes for more readability than mobile phones; and not everyone travels with a computer. And in Trade-shows or other events where customers are there with you, it can look impressive if your employees are all outfitted with the latest tablets.

What really makes this work, of course, are apps. You can get tablet apps for almost any need that you have. The need for rentals include Conferences, Conventions, Business Travel, Surveys, Inventory tasks, Seasonal Hires, and Training.

There are also tablet ‘kiosks’ that can be rented, and outfitted with relevant apps.

The hotel you are staying at or the conference room provider can help you find the tablet rental options in the local area; and of course, use web search. A good rental place can pre-configure the apps on the tablets such as for trade shows, corporate events and exhibitions.

Rentals also make sense when you need to get a lot of computers in people’s hands for a short period of time. Some rental places will rent 1,000 units or more, and you get a discount for larger number of rentals. And when you rent you can get the latest models, with enough memory for your need.

If your need is short term then you will save a lot of money renting, rather than buying or leasing. You can rent tablets for $40/day, or even less. If you need tablets in a work environment instead of an office environment, there are even rentals of ‘Rugged’ tablets.

Another great use for rental is trying out a different size, or OS. If you company is all-Android but you want to see how an iPad compares, in your work environment, then don’t just read about them; rent one and see!