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Tablet Rentals Make Sense

Tablet Rentals

Tablet Rentals

Tablet rentals are common now; so you can find them in every major city. In this article, we will talk about the different reasons for renting a tablet instead of buying one.  Renting can often get you the latest models, too!

Search online to see current rental options.

Companies are finding at trade shows and business meetings that it can add productivity to rent tablets locally, and provide them to everyone at the meeting. You can rent iPads or Android devices, and tablets are so easy to use that everyone is up and running in no time!

Renting tablets also can build morale, because people really like them.

The larger screen makes for more readability than mobile phones; and not everyone travels with a computer. And in Trade-shows or other events where customers are there with you, it can look impressive if your employees are all outfitted with the latest tablets.

What really makes this work, of course, are apps. You can get tablet apps for almost any need that you have. The need for rentals include Conferences, Conventions, Business Travel, Surveys, Inventory tasks, Seasonal Hires, and Training.

There are also tablet ‘kiosks’ that can be rented, and outfitted with relevant apps.

The hotel you are staying at or the conference room provider can help you find the tablet rental options in the local area; and of course, use web search. A good rental place can pre-configure the apps on the tablets such as for trade shows, corporate events and exhibitions.

Rentals also make sense when you need to get a lot of computers in people’s hands for a short period of time. Some rental places will rent 1,000 units or more, and you get a discount for larger number of rentals. And when you rent you can get the latest models, with enough memory for your need.

If your need is short term then you will save a lot of money renting, rather than buying or leasing. You can rent tablets for $40/day, or even less. If you need tablets in a work environment instead of an office environment, there are even rentals of ‘Rugged’ tablets.

Another great use for rental is trying out a different size, or OS. If you company is all-Android but you want to see how an iPad compares, in your work environment, then don’t just read about them; rent one and see!

Tablet Trade-In Programs

You can Trade-In Your Old Tablet!

There are a number of trade in programs online, where you get a credit for your old tablet. Most people who trade in their older tablet want to get a new model. Its a good idea to trade in your tablet while it is still new enough to have some value – and just remember, you are helping others.

Best Tradein Program: Amazon

Amazon pays your shipping to send in the old tablet, and you get your credit in the form of an Amazon gift card. You can use it for a new tablet, or anything else on The one restriction to keep in mind is that Amazon accepts only certain items; so you first check if your tablet is one that they will accept in the program. Amazon also has an app (iOS, Android) so you can do the trade-in process using the same mobile device you want to trade in.

Some other tablet trade-in programs include:


… and others – just ask your favorite retailer!

You can also donate your old tablet, or any older technology. Someone who has never had a tablet would be very happy to have an older unit, and depending on where you donate, you might be able to get a tax deduction.

In the future, we will be developing a website dedicated to tablet trade-ins, and phone (mobile) trade-ins. If you know of good trade-in programs, please contact us.